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Risk Behaviour

 Our approach to risk behaviour training focuses on key early identification skills & intervention. An example of a recent course delivered

The role of practitioners working with children, young people & families in supporting early identification of risk behaviours

 Overall Aims

 To increase understanding of potential risks young people may have to face and how early identification can impact on supporting children young people and families.

 To increase the confidence and ability of practitioners to engage effectively with children, young people & families as part early intervention work around risk behaviours.

 Targeted Learning Outcomes

 Practitioners will:

  •  Be better able to identify factors that can influence risk behaviours in young people.
  • Understand appropriate terminology
  • Understand the role trauma can play in risk behaviour
  • Understand how early identification is essential in reducing the impact of risk behaviour, and their role in ensuring this happens.
  • Understand the significance of emotional resilience in preventing involvement in risk behaviours.
  • Understand the role parents/carers can play in the process and be able to give advice on how they can be more involved in risk reduction with their children.
  • Have further developed their skills and confidence in engaging with children, young people & families around a range of risk behaviours.
  • Be aware of agencies offering support around risk behaviours and how and when to refer to them.
  • Have gained an insight into the latest research in order to influence future work and approaches.